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Bank Melli Iran

Bank Melli Iran Overview

Bank Melli IranBank Melli Iran sometimes abbreviated as BMI, is an Iranian state owned commercial bank that is also one of the largest in the country as well as one of the largest Islamic banks in the world. It was founded in 1928 and today has over 3300 branches nationwide. It provides significant ... read more

Bank Melli Iran Discussion

  • Q: what is the rate can you give me for deposit of $20,000 US Dollar for 1 Year?

    Reply Shuja from Iran
  • Q: I own a home in Tehran worth about 400000 dollars. is it possible to take out a loan against it ? the loan amount would be around 150000 dollars. And what conditions and terms would be available for such a loan? Thanks

    Reply Ali from United States
    • R: You can get lone bout not 150,000 . It all depends on how old is the home... New home 15 million 5 years old 15 to 12 millions 10 and older 12 to 9 million. This is the way it was last i remember.. irans bank well never cover 100% or even 50% of its worth.. the payment well be to hi.

      Reply Mohammad
  • Q: what is rate can you give me for deposit of 10 billion Iran rial for 1 year

    Reply John from Australia
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