Iran Savings Accounts

Provider Rate Type
Sina Bank Demand Deposit Account

Rates apply to demand deposit accounts. 

Feb 2018


  • Q: What's the best way to invest my money in Iran. And how can I do this from Australia. I am a New Zealand citizen.

    Reply Riki from Raby, Australia
    • R: Its not safe to invest due to political reason plus sanctions,plus: Iran’s currency has lost its value during the last three months

      Reply Armin
  • Q: Hi i want to open savings account with iranian bank but i live in australia and i have an australian citzinship so there is anyway i can open account over there ? Thanks

    Reply ahmed from St Kilda, Australia
  • Q: Is the interest rate guaranteed? Is possible to deposits in forgen dollars and will the interest rate will be the same in other currency?

    Reply Monique from Glebe, Australia
    • R: You can deposite USD in iran , but you won't have the same deposit interest rate. For example if mellat bank is paying 17percent for one year deposit of Rls , it does pay 6-7 percent for the same year deposit of USD . Why ? Because RLS-USD drops around 10% every year and once every 15 years there is a risk of +70 % drop in one year . you want interest for investment ? Check out stocks and industry in Iran . here , investing in currency market is not so profitable , but investing in real assets and financials has almost the lowest risk in front of benefits.

      Reply Rouzbeh
    • R: the interest is guaranteed for only one year, banks in Iran lock the rate for only one year because rates change every year and this is only in Iranian currency. Foreign dollars can be exchanged in the country, many currency exchange offices. No bank has ever defaulted unlike other countries have, do the research. Opening a bank account in Iran only applies to Iranian citizens.

      Reply reza
  • Q: what is the minimum amount of money you need to open a saving account?

    Reply coomaree from Edinburgh, United Kingdom
    • R: minimum is 1000,000 IRR

      Reply ammar